I love shoes soo are a couple from this site that i adore



Camilla Skovgaard

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My designer of the week is Zuhair Murad.

Zuhair Murad is a lebanese designer who makes mostly evening gowns and wedding dresses. I actually discovered his work while on tumblr. It was a photo of this BEAUTIFUL gown that had amazing detail and beautiful decor on it. It’s actually the first dress at the bottom. Anyway, Zuhair Murad dresses and design are mainly focused around detail and embroidery which also ties in with the formation of the dress so perfectly. Murad has made dresses for red carpet events for some of Hollywood’s most known names, such as JLo, Katy Perry, Beyonce, etc etc. He also designs and makes accessories like shoes, handbags, and necklaces. “Today Zuhair Murad’s line, Couture, Ready to Wear, Men’s, Accessories, and Bridal are sold in Beirut and Paris , while his Ready to Wear can be found in major boutiques around the world.” —

For more info on his clothes, shows, etc. you can visit his official site:

Here’s a look at a couple of my favorite bridal pieces from him:

Some of my favorite from his Spring 2011 Paris Haute Couture Collection

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So while i was blogging and looking at some tumblrs, i notice that the same styles kept re appearing: studded shorts and/or designed shorts, jeffrey campbells, YSL arty oval ring, jordans, bandeaus, american flag designed apparel, etc etc etc.. I definitely think tumblr is a BIG source for fashion heads to explore because its more direct and you can circulate photos and styles faster than advertising your own blog. So here are a couple of my favorite spring/summer style photos on tumblr..

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Started this book today, ill keep you posted : )


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Some of my favorite Jordans..

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